HCP Students in Action

HCP students take action to make a difference in the world!  
Our teachers and staff members provide meaningful learning experiences, which include collaboration and solving challenges, in order to help our students gain the skills and knowledge to take sustained and meaningful action.
5th Graders Raise Money for Camp Fire Victims
Our Caring Kodiaks in 5th Grade responded to a local disaster by holding a bake sale to donate funds to the Camp Fire Victims.  The 5th Grade students realized there was a need in our community and immediately responded with action.  The 5th Graders raised $300 in one day!  The students contacted a local business owner who had been traveling weekly up to Paradise to bring food, clothing, money, and other necessities.  The owner of High Hand Nursery was deeply touched when our students invited him to their classroom to present their bake sale funds in person.   

Holiday Gift Drive for the Courageous Camp Fire Survivors


After the devastating Camp Fire tore through the town of Paradise, California, our very own 8th grade student, Leilani Mourier, decided to take immediate action to help those in need.  Leilani deeply wanted to rebuild the holiday spirit by collecting gifts for the families affected by the fires.  With her caring heart and a committment to help, she quickly went to work by organizing a school-wide Holiday Gift Drive that was held for three weeks on our campus.  On December 18, 2019, Leilani and her friends delivered a car load full of gifts to the Salvation Army in Chico, California in hopes to spread holiday cheer for local families in the area.   Thank you to Leilani for your dedication to service.   

 Chalk Day Project

Four 8th Graders created a Design Project to beautify the school blacktop with images representing the attributes of IB Learner Profile.  On December 13, 2018, Anna Johnson, Jillian Gish, Kameron Lunders, and Tanner Brown invited the entire school to participate in a chalk activity on our playground.  Each grade level came prepared with ideas to draw when representing their designated attribute.  Students let their creativity shine on this day.  Take a peek at the pictures and video linked here.  Thank you to our amazing 8th graders who organized this school-wide event and a huge thank you to Mr. Judd Rackham for the special drone flyover.  
World Kindness Day

Our second grade students spread kindness all throughout campus on World Kindness Day on November 13, 2018.  Students were engaged in gardening activities to show their appreciation for Mother Earth.  Second grade students created messages filled with kind words and decorated our campus with signs.  Students wrote letters of appreciation to staff members and family members.  The entire school day was filled with games and activities that focused on the Learner Profile attributes of caring and open-mindedness.  
Garden Club Is Thriving
Our garden is in full harvest this time of year.  Mrs. Frey, our Garden Club Lead Teacher, had plenty of helpful hands to harvest and gather the vegetables that were planted earlier this year.  Students enjoyed working together after school to pick the healthy vegetables from our garden and take the goodness to our local Placer County Food Bank.  The excitement was felt by all who attended and students were leaving with an enthusiasm for home-grown, fresh foods at their fingertips.         
Marching To Be Her Best
Special guest, Technical Sergeant Alex Faulkner of the U.S. AIr Force joined Loomis Union School District's Junior Eagle Band for marching band practice to help prepare for their upcoming competition.  Technical Sergeant Faulkner held a marching competition that tested the student's discipline and attention to detail.  The winner was awarded an American flag patch straight off of his uniform that he wore during his recent tour of duty in Afghanistan.  Morgan Laugenour, a 6th grader at H. Clarke Powers School, was picked out of a large group of over 60 students to earn the patch.  Congratulations on your hard work and dedication, Morgan!
International Day of Peace
Kodiaks strive to make our world a more peaceful place through art.  Several classes in both the PYP and MYP Programmes helped to decorate the front of our school to spread peace and kindness on The International Day of Peace, September 21, 2018. 

A Touch of Understanding  

Our 4th grade students experience A Touch of Understanding each year when we are visited by an amazing organization that educates our students about people with disabilities, how to look past the disability and see the person, and allows them to hear stories from the volunteers who present at the assembly.  Our students get to experience what a person with a disability might - they use wheelchairs and mobility canes to navigate campus, write in Braille, hold braces and artificial limbs, and do a mirror writing activity to feel how frustrating a learning disability might be.  Throughout this entire assembly, our 4th graders are displaying an open-mind, creating a deeper understanding for others needs, and developing empathy for all human beings.  

Lunchtime Intramural Sports 

As an IB World School, we believe that physical and health education aims to empower students to understand and appreciate the value of being physically active while developing the motivation for making healthy and informed life choices.  The goal of our Intramural Sports Program is to promote a healthy lifestyle for students and to promote fellowship and rapport among students by providing a variety of athletic activities in which all students can participate regardless of their experience in playing the sport.   

Fourth Grade 5K Color Run  

Our motivated fourth grade students committed to being physically active.  Students worked together, cheered each other on, and were dedicated to living healthy lifestyles while preparing for their 5K Color Run.   Throughout their Who We Are Unit, our fourth grade students discovered ways to promote balanced living and well-being in healthy communities.  

Third Grade Community Service Projects  

Our caring third grade students created community service projects to help others in our local community.  Please read on to see a few of their amazing projects!

Second Graders enjoy a learning experience in their How the World Works unit

Students discovered how some changes caused by heating and/or cooling can be reversed, while others can not.  Through exploration, students disassembled and melted small pieces of crayon to create small Lego-Crayon Action People.  
Third Grade "Experiment Day"
Our students love to learn!  Check out the pictures of "student learning in action" during a learning experience in their Sharing the Planet Unit.  Students enjoyed making observations about which materials were easier to use and which animals might benefit from that structural adaptation.  The HCP third graders explored, inquired, and experimented their way through the school day!