H. Clarke Powers School is an authorized IB World School offering the Primary Years Programme (PYP).  Currently, we are in the Consideration Phase for the Middle Years Programme.

HCP Students in Action

HCP students take action to make a difference to and in the world!  
Our teachers and staff members provide meaningful learning experiences, which include collaboration and solving challenges, in order to help our students gain the skills and knowledge to take sustained and meaningful action.



Third Grade Community Service Projects!  

Our caring third grade students created community service projects to help others in our local community.  Please read on to see a few of their amazing projects!

Second graders enjoy a learning experience in their "How the World Works" planner!  

Students discovered how some changes caused by heating and/or cooling can be reversed, while others can not.  Through exploration, students disassembled and melted small pieces of crayon to create small Lego-Crayon Action People.  

Buddy Bench!  

When Ainsley Tierney arrived as a new student in second grade, she quickly realized that she needed to meet new friends.  Her mother had shared the idea of a buddy bench with her; immediately, Ainsley knew that we needed one at HCP!  Ainsley stated, “I was new to the school and needed friends…so I wanted to create a place where people can sit on it and find a friend!”  Ainsley is very thrilled to have the bench on the playground this year.  She worked hard to create the design, but she also admitted that Mr. Lockwood and Google helped her to order the perfect bench.  In just the past month since the bench has been available to students, Ainsley has seen students benefitting from it.  “It’s definitely a big help, especially for the lower grades and the new kids”.  Ainsley’s idea has helped several students to find a new buddy to play with during recess.  Ainsley has a big heart and her caring attitude has helped make the school day a bit friendlier for many of her peers.  “I hope that the bench helps new kids to experience having a good friendship, like me.  I hope that they enjoy the bench and this school, and they want to stay through 8th grade!”

Third Grade "Experiment Day"
Our students love to learn!  Check out the pictures of "student learning in action" during a learning experience in their Sharing the Planet Unit.  Students enjoyed making observtions about which materials were easier to use and which animals might benefit from that structural adaptation.  The HCP third graders explored, inquired, and experimented their way through the school day!  
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