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Ms. Lininger's Spanish Class

Hola! My name is Georgia Lininger and I am so excited to be the Spanish Teacher for H. Clarke Powers this Year! I am from Loomis and my family has lived in this area for almost seventy years. We love it here and after the past six years of living and teaching in Mount Shasta, CA my husband, two kids, three cats and four dogs and I are happy to return home. I am also a writer. My first book, The Land of Walloo/La Tierra de Walloo was nominated and a finalist in several awards. My next two books are scheduled to come out in 2019. For more information about my books, please check out:
The Spanish Department across Loomis Unified School District is working to revamp our World Languages Home page. So stay tuned for updates about that. I hope to post Monthly updates here on all of the great adventures we will be venturing in Spanish this year. Thank you so much! Gracias!