HCP’s Read-A-Thon is March 1-15, 2019


Complete 10 or more reading sessions between March 1-15!

How do students get started?

  • Follow the three simple steps
Step2: Create Your Profile
Step 3: Track Your Reading Sessions Online
  • Let the fun begin and START reading!!
  • Log all reading sessions online (inside and outside of school day)

How are donations accepted?

  • Students share Read-A-Thon online account via social media and email
  • Flat Donations are made online with credit card or check
We will be starting on:


Prizes Earned When A Student Raises Money

  • Simply create an online Read-A-Thon account and earn a prize!
  • Readers keep 15% of what they personally raise to spend on prizes from the Prize Center!
  • Top Performing Class earns an ICE CREAM SUNDAE READING Party!