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Hello HCP Families!


I am very excited to be working as a partner with you in providing our students the best education experience! As we navigate together through this school year and beyond, I will be continually asking questions as I develop my own understanding of what makes HCP and all of our nearly 500 students “tick”, and to put the needs of students in the center of decision making and daily practices. Students and families who spend any amount of time with me will be likely to hear some version of a sentiment that I say frequently, “No one comes to school knowing everything, and it’s likely we won’t leave knowing everything, but as long as we continue to push ourselves, grow and develop our understanding, we are on the right path.”


Prior to starting work here at HCP, my understanding of the International Baccalaureate program was limited to bits I had heard about other schools. As I have learned a lot more since then, I am quite excited to be able to work in a school that offers itself as an I.B. experience for all of our students.  If you are not already familiar with them, you will see a lot of our I.B. “learner profile attributes” embedded in your child’s school work as we aim to to develop them to be: Courageous, Reflective, Knowledgeable, Caring, Principled, Open Minded, Thinkers, Inquirers, Balanced, Communicators. One of our school goals this year is to further develop our community’s knowledge of the IB program and benefits to students.


In addition to the learner profile attributes, you will see a high level of visibility of our “Kodiak Code” of: Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Respectful, Do Your Job. These blend with the IB attributes to be driving elements of our school wide expectations for students and work towards achieving our mission and goals.


Raising happy, healthy, and well educated kids really does take a village. Staying in regular contact with your child’s teacher is always a great support for them. I look forward to connecting with our students throughout the year and working with families as partners in education! 


Rob Myers


H. Clarke Powers  

International Baccalaureate School